Thursday, October 04, 2012

Leituras interessantes

"I even read Al Gore’s book, which was very enlightening…but not in a good way. When you look for data to back up his claims, you immediately discover that they are totally unsubstantiated. This was frankly astonishing because analyzing data is something I’m very good at. (...)

It is scandalous that so many climate scientists who fully knew that Al Gore had no basis for his irresponsible claims stood mute. Meanwhile, that alarmism has generated billions of dollars more to finance a rapidly growing climate science industry with budgets that have risen by a factor of 40 since the early 1990s. I consider this failure to speak up just as unethical as the behavior of those who put out the false catastrophic claims."

- Burt Rutan, lenda aeroespacial numa entrevista à Forbes

"What are the political implications of this historical scientific misunderstanding? (...) This will also profoundly change the setting of priorities for an energy agenda. It will unleash much-needed resources to assure an adequate supply of food, water, and a rising standard of living globally. Factors concerning economic feasibility or social justice again will equitably decide energy policy along with climate protection. By understanding that natural climate factors will also play an important role in the future, we gain time – precious time – for rational decarbonizing."

- Artigo The Forgotten Sun

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