Friday, June 14, 2013

Rust and Stoker

The removal of Ms. Cotillard’s legs — including in scenes in which she wears a bathing suit or nothing — is surely one of the most impressive special-effects feats of the year, and a reminder that digital cinema is not all about accessorizing wizards, monsters and superheroes. But the greater marvel is Ms. Cotillard herself, an actress of limitless bravery and supernatural poise, who is both beauty and beast. Mr. Schoenaerts is her perfect foil and complement, as large and coarse as she is small and delicate, and also as tender as she is tough. - NY Times

“Stoker” is so in love with fetishizing creepiness that it forgets to be, you know, creepy.

Working from a script by actor Wentworth Miller (“Prison Break”), the filmmaker tries way too hard to turn something that’s just not that scary into a beautiful nightmare. Park’s first attempt to translate someone else’s story doesn’t work. The images may be haunting, but the events aren’t. - Washington Post

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