Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cold Mountain (Charles Frazier)

"Without pausing even for salutation Inman said, Who put out your pair of eyes?
The blindman had a friendly smile on his face and he said, Nobody. I never had any.
That took Inman aback, for his imagination had worked in the belief that they had been plucked out in some desperate and bloody dispute, some brute fraction. Every vile deed he had witnessed lately had been at the hand of a human agent, so he had about forgot that there was a whole other order of misfortune." (pág. 8)

“Ada sat on long enough to watch the day rise. The first grey light began gathering faintly, and then as the light built the mountains began to form themselves, retaining the dark of night in their bulk. The fog that clung to the peaks lifted and lost the shapes of the mountain and dissipated in the warmth of the morning. In the pasture the forms of trees remained drawn in dew on the grass beneath them. When she stood to walk down to the house, the smell of night still lingered under the two chestnut trees.” (pág. 63)

“But if one had not the slightest hint towards finding what one´s nature was, then even stepping out on the path became a snaggy matter.” (pág.66)

“He stopped and pissed in the dirt. Before he was hardly done, spring azure butterflies alit on it to drink, the colour of their wings in the sun like blued metal. They seemed to him things too beautiful to be drinking piss. It was, though, apparently the nature of the place.” (pág. 72)

"You´re left with only your scars to mark the void. All you can choose to do is go on or not. But if you go on, it´s knowing you carry your scars with you." (pág. 421)

"The world was such an incredibly lonely place, and to lie down beside him, skin to skin, seemed the only cure." (pág. 429)

"Inman sat up with the blanket around his waist. He had been living like a dead man and this was life before him, an offering within his reach." (pág 430)

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