Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thirteen Moons - Charles Frazier

"Primarily, though, Bear did himself good by going to water and immersing himself in the river every morning at sunrise throughout the year. He went even when big wet snowflakes fell all around him and disappeared into the black water without making even a brief dimple in its smooth face. And he went to water on spring mornings, when the river steamed and carried the fallen peached-colored blossoms of tulip trees and was skinned over with yellow pollen and the wormlike tags from oak trees (...). And also on late summer mornings, when the dawn sky was black and thunderstorm wind howled and rain was flung around sideways (...). He went to water on autumn mornings, when red and yellow cuped leaves floated along almost covering the river from bank to bank, and he could lie back in the chill water untill his fingernails and toenails turned blue and look up into the nearly bare limbs and watch the final leaves release and fall and spin slowly down the quiet air. And sometimes for good measure he would go to water in the evening, when there was nothing left of the day but a yellow streak over Sunkota Mountain and the stars were lighting up in the indigo path of sky broken through the forest canopy by the river´s passage."

"Nevertheless, he wondered why the white people were not better then they are, having had it (the Bible) for so long. He promissed that just as soon as white people achieved Christianity, he would recommend it to his own folks."

"(...) (Bear) sat on the porch and immediately started talking about how bad it is not to have a place in the world. Without a place where you belong, you have too many choices before you and therefore cannot go in any direction."
"But she´d never tell the killer´s name, because she feared the white people might yet find a way to avenge the centuries-old death, righteous though it had been, for the Spaniard´s behavior was atrocious."
Charles Frazier é, com apenas dois romances editados, o meu autor preferido, logo desde o primeiro, Cold Mountain. As descrições da paisagem norte-americana são, com as recônditas montanhas como pano de fundo e em inglês, um prodígio.
Charles Frazier é um prodígio.

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