Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Musical Addiction - A Camp

"The Cardigans' Nina Persson never considered herself rock star material. Even with the worldwide success of her band's song "Lovefool," Persson still saw herself as a fan who loved to make music and write songs. To continue with that, Persson founded the experimental indie act A Camp in 1997. She and Swedish musician Niclas Frisk came up with the project one evening after meeting in a bar. A friendship was born and nine songs were eventually composed, but Persson was called to road to support the Cardigans' fourth album, Gran Turismo. By 2000, A Camp resumed schedule. Persson got Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous in the production seat for her first solo album while boyfriend/Shudder to Think guitarist Nathan Larson and Frisk added instrumentation. From there, A Camp collected a quirky, sweet sound and debut single "I Can Buy You" arrived in summer 2001. Persson's A Camp also wowed audiences at V2001 in England a month prior to issuing her first self-titled album. "
Pois bem, aí está mais uma pérola da minha voz favorita, Nina Persson.
Trata-se de um daqueles casos raros em que uma música é melhor que a anterior, quase impossível de destacar as preferidas. São todas umas fofas mas, assim de repente, recomendo I Can Buy You, Angel of Sadness, Song For The Leftovers (winda), The Same Old Song (ganda malha!), Oddness Of The Lord (ganda bomba!) etc. (mais um bocadinho e eram todas).
E claro, o pormenor delicioso de a última música se entitular Elephant. Lindo! :D
Uns fofos, todos.

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